Secure Shell Cinema

This is a rendition of the film "The Matrix", as you'd see it in a green-on-black terminal and/or over an SSH connection.

Collaborative stop watch

Inspired by an XKCD comic I once read, I built a sign that measures how long it's been since someone hit the "reset" button.


Ver voordat LLM's een ding waren had ik al een stochastische onzingenerator, die ik heb getraind op het oeuvre van Louis Couperus.

Six-day week

What if instead of having 7 days of 24 hours, we'd instead arrange our week in 6 days of 28 hours?

Aside from some minor practicalities, the main thing that prevents me from switching over is the lack of a 14-hour clockface.

UNIX Newyear

In the UNIX Operating System (and all its derivatives), date and time values are stored as the number of seconds since the 1st of January 1970, 00:00:00 UTC.

If you express that number in hexadecimal notation, once every half-a-year-and-a-bitâ„¢ (16,777,216 seconds) the number will end in six zeros. These occasions I like to celebrate.


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